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What is Javascript:

JavaScript is a programming language created in 1995 by Netscape Communication Corporation. It is a form of code that makes it possible to implement complex mechanisms that are more dynamic, more animated on a web page or even to produce complex animations (images, videos. In web development, JavaScript allows web pages to have better responsiveness and interactivity. The programming language differs from other server languages since the execution of tasks is accomplished by the browser itself, on the user's side and not the web server. Most browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Bing speak JavaScript language. Some sites cannot work without the language, like Facebook, Youtube or Twitter.

What you will learn and cover during your lessons:

Introduction to JavaScript

Learn the basics of JavaScript, including data types, variables, and basic programming concepts.

What is JavaScript?

Variables and data types

Operators and expressions

Conditional statements




Working with the DOM

Learn how to use JavaScript to manipulate the Document Object Model (DOM) and interact with web pages.

Introduction to the DOM

Working with elements

Changing element content and attributes

Creating and deleting elements

Handling events

Debugging DOM code


Arrays and Objects

Learn how to work with arrays and objects in JavaScript, including creating, accessing, and modifying them.

What are arrays and objects?

Creating and accessing arrays

Modifying arrays

Looping through arrays

Creating and accessing objects

Modifying objects


Functions and Scope

Learn about functions and their role in JavaScript, including function declarations, expressions, and scope.

What are functions?

Function declarations and expressions

Function scope

Function parameters and return values

Arrow functions

Debugging functions


Working with JSON

Learn how to work with JSON data in JavaScript, including parsing and stringify JSON.

What is JSON?

Parsing JSON

Stringifying JSON

Creating and modifying JSON

Using JSON with APIs

Debugging JSON code


ES6 Features

Learn about some of the new features added to JavaScript in ES6, including let and const variables, arrow functions, and template literals.

What is ES6?

Let and const variables

Arrow functions

Template literals

Destructuring assignments

Debugging ES6 code



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